Garden Centre

Plant nursery

Our plant nursery carries a full range of ornamentals, natives, rainforest plants, annual seedlings, herb and vegetable seedlings and orchids.

We can advise on plant selection and best conditions to see your garden flourish.

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outdoor plant nursery

Grow your garden

Everything you will need to plan and maintain your garden, including fertilizers, herbicides, garden tools and equipment as well as product and advice for lawncare.

We stock leading brands like Yates, Searles, Felco and Bacho and have a magical selection of pots and water features to help create your own personal garden paradise.

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store display of jiffy pods

Garden maintenance

Maintenance made easy by the right advice and right products.

Let us take the toil out of gardening with some expert advice and local knowledge. Understanding the nature and needs of your garden will give you purpose to your garden maintenance and greatly improve results.

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decorated metal watering can

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