Animal Care

Animal Care

Staff at J H Williams are experienced and trained in animal health and livestock handling products. We also work closely with our suppliers to keep abreast of new products and trends in animal care.

We have products and solutions for all common pet and livestock parasite issues like ticks, lice and Buffalo Fly.

We can also assist with a range of related livestock handling issues such as vaccinations, livestock identification, NLIS tags, cattle yards and crushes, fencing, water troughs and reticulation and stock supplements.

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store display of animal remedies

Pet and livestock feed

Williams Group staff are trained and experienced in the care and feeding of pet and livestock.

Along with a complete range of bagged feeds for pets and livestock we also carry bedding, veterinary supplies, feed storage systems, electric fencing, rugs, salt and mineral supplement blocks, treats and pest control.

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20KG bags of livestock feed

Tack for Neddy

We have dedicated staff who share your love and interest in horses. They also receive intensive training so you can be assured of receiving the correct advice on products and handling techniques for your horse.

Our Town & Country store carries a complete range of rugs and blankets, saddles for riding, dressage and western saddles, bridles, martingales, breast plates, reins and specialist training equipment.

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store disply of horse bridles

Stock management

J H Williams staff have a rural upbringing and understand the importance of stock control.

We are major stockists for Whites Wire and One Steel fencing systems and have a full range of farm gates, barbed wire, tie wire, steel posts, fence droppers, mesh and netting and all associated accessories and fittings.

Williams Group staff can advise on quantities and installation for our fencing products to ensure you get top results from your next fencing project.

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rolls of farm mesh

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